It’s a fruit, nope. A vegetable, no again. It’s another crossword by the Tiny Man, himself—Pickles, is a G-rated extravaganza. This is not a crossword for normals. This is word puzzle prison sex and word search sawmill of broken clues, which are guaranteed to lead to the answers, eventually. For the sake of the reader, answer have been written left-to-right and the shaded squares are used to separate the words or phrases—it’s pretty much like a regular crossword. But its not a fruit, nor a vegetable. This is Pickles.

Picture of Tiny Mouth Tyner

Tiny Mouth Tyner

Tyner is a very well-known, newly Harbor Springs (Michigan) transient, non-gender oatmeal cookie. As an American bass guitarist, actor, environmental activist and crossword enthusiast, Tyner has appeared in hundreds of stores, festivals, and stage performances. He played himself on the Earthwork Harvest Gathering series BACON (2014–present). The role earned him six consecutive Man's Man of the Year Honorable Mention nominations. He is married.

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