News Sources

Everybody’s asking me where I get my news from, so I’ve started a list for you all here. If you have something, you think I should be listening to, please tell me what’s up.

Breaking Points

Breaking Points with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti used to host The Hill’s Rising and when I first watched that show the subscribers were at about 420K, and they ran that number up to 1.2M within a few years because there are fearless, anti-establishment studfaces.

Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t

A Low-Brow, Crass Approach to Plant Ecology & Evolution as muttered by a Misanthropic Chicago Italian. Amidst mild profanity and general irreverence, we examine plant life (the base of Earth’s food chain) and the nature of the rocks and soil they grow on, as well as the evolutionary adaptations that enable them to do what they do. The goal of this channel is to both educate people as well as light the fire of curiosity on their ass, hopefully inspiring them to go outside and observe and question the living world around them.

Status Coup

Status Coup News is progressive, in-field and investigative reporting that gives the microphone back to the people! Co-founded by Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize. Jordan and other journalists will continue the style and fearlessness of the reporting Jordan brought to the stories on the campaign trail and in East Chicago, Flint, St. Louis, Standing Rock, and more.

The Bunker John Report

For honest, exclusive updates on the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Currently a graduate student in the Emergency Management/Disaster Preparedness field.

The GreyZone

This channel is run by one of my favorite journalists, Max Blumenthal. It’s a channel focussed on independent news and investigative journalism on empire.

The Rational National

Independent political commentary, media criticism, news and culture, with an occasional comedic tinge; hosted by David Doel.

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