Professional Buzz Management

Nothing is slower than progress, so we created this space where to expedite the education process for the whole buzz manager—great career, great life.

Professional Buzz Management (PBM), is powered by a community that believes that where you finish is so much more important than where you start. One of our biggest points of pride is that you can count on an investment in a PBM education paying off.

Key cultural tenets

Lower your expectations

It's the first thing we remember. When you start at the bottom, you can only go up. Bring yourself low. Squat down. T.A.K.E. Take A Knee (and the E is silent). It's the Tower 7.

Manage your buzz

Without it, everything falls apart. We know the people who eat their houses, have no houses. Everything in moderation—even moderation. Never use absolute, ever.

Worry is a waste of time

It's the easiest one to remember, eventually. This is a commitment to ourselves. Regret will mushroom up and eat you alive.

You're responsible for your own happiness

Hard to remember. Difficult to master. Smoke out the silver-linings. Unearth the up-shots. Be better to yourself and each other.

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