The only puzzle in our collection with an NC-17 rating. This deliberate document tells the story of the historic journey known as Logass—Burning Man, eat your heart out (I’ll wait). This annual aquatic acid trip happens down the Manistee River every Labor Day weekend. I can see the school bus leaving Smithfield Landing now. Winding down Dutch John Road with 3/4 of the bus screaming, chanting “AND AWAY WE GO AND AWAY WE GO.” Over and over again, while the confused “normals” huddle towards the front.

My favorite moment? When a father floating with his family in kayaks yelled, “You think this is okay?!” Followed with a scream of “Get my son up here!” We created an human arch—we’re nice like that.

Picture of Tiny Mouth Tyner

Tiny Mouth Tyner

Tyner is a very well-known, newly Harbor Springs (Michigan) transient, non-gender oatmeal cookie. As an American bass guitarist, actor, environmental activist and crossword enthusiast, Tyner has appeared in hundreds of stores, festivals, and stage performances. He played himself on the Earthwork Harvest Gathering series BACON (2014–present). The role earned him six consecutive Man's Man of the Year Honorable Mention nominations. He is married.

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