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It was one big pizza dick dream

Every year, every Thursday, every Harvest after 6 p.m., Brett McDowell and I go in search of Lake City’s best slice of pie. I hate that phrase, let’s just call it pizza. After about an hour on the road, traveling over 10 miles, and tasting 5-6 different pizzas, we found the best pizza in Lake City. Our original best pizza search was over 10 years ago and offered up a great list to try, this year is no different. Just like back then, this is the world of pizza at this time.

1. A & L Trading Post

They say they use all the original recipes, if they say anything at all. That’s right, they’re quite and they’re making pizza. A & L allows innovation to happen with their tasty “Cheese Pizza”. In their opinion, every bite should have everything on it—and it did! These are not frozen pizzas, until you freeze them. And they’re more than a meal than most meals. McDowell believes that “a non-gender person who eat’s their house, has no house”. We love this attitude, and pizza is no different.

2. Marty’s Pizza and Grill

Not your typical pizza scene at Marty’s, especially when we walk-in with pizzas asking for pizzas—and that is a great thing. Marty was confused at first, but we set him straight. Marty says almost every cheese pizza here gets a traditional portion of sauce and cheese, that is baked, and then comes out of the oven.

3. BC Pizza

It was either this or Domino’s. BC has the cop on the front, so I’m not generally eager to get in there. Their best selling, award winning “Cheese” pizza is a crazy combo of a secret yellow stuff, some orange, sauce, and their cheese blend. Baked, then loaded into a box. I know, I know, weird, right? It’s all about balance with this. It’s amazing.

4. Fraternal Order of Eagles

By this point we were headed back to the farm. We walked in with the other pizzas and asked to order a pizza. When the bartender asked, we said, “We’re pizza bloggers. We blog about pizza.” And in this day-and-age, those phrases mean something. Our visit to The Eagles was truly a pleasant surprise. Not sure what to expect besides stuffed animals on the wall, and smell of an old roadhouse. But once we got used to it, you can see the hard work that went into remodeling. The pizza was forgettable.

5. Lake City Tap House

It’s not often that you get to shoot pool while waiting for pizza, but that’s exactly what we did. Recently celebrating their 50th new owner anniversary, Lake City Tap House no longer has a pool table—it’s sad, really. And so was their pizza.

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