BACON 22: How’s It Going?

In 2022 we hauled industry-standard buzz management ideas to the scrap heap while revealing counterintuitive practices that drove organizational performance in the back half of the 21st century—and like any good manager: we under-promised and over-delivered.

BACON 2020: Trump Hero Suicide

Professional Buzz Manager Bradley Bacon takes you into the Green Room for a classic BACON dressing-down as he takes a shot at Trump Hero Suicide—an activity involving the interpretation of what that means in a person’s head. “It was easier for me to follow than the last one.” —Stuart the Gathering Watch the show Corporate […]

BACON 2014: Hardest Gameshow Ever

It’s fall 2014, and we’re at Earthwork Harvest Gathering in Lake City, Michigan. We took over an hour to setup for a Family Feud-type experience. It turned out to be a big ol’ shitshow. This clip is the final answer to the question: What’s your favorite conspiracy theory that you don’t believe in? The answer […]

BACON 2020: Never Again

The Bacon Set Bacon 2020: Never Again This year, BACON plays at a better rhythm and doesn’t go too quickly with his contribution to the 20th annual Earthwork Harvest Gathering. The subjects are strong, so he keeps it simple. He didn’t just lower the bar, he closed it. Pre-pandemic? This was the man. Watch the […]