Professional Buzz Management

Nothing is slower than progress, so we created a space to expedite the education process for the entire buzz experience—love buzz, love life.

Professional Buzz Management (PBM), is powered by a community that believes that where you finish is more important than where you start. Whether you’re looking to increase your Optimum Buzz Level (OBL) or develop your natural pace—you can count on an investment in a PBM education paying off.

Key cultural tenets

Lower your expectations

Things can only get better

When you’re at the bottom, the only place to go is up. When I wake up, I pretend last night I died—it’s almost always guarantees be a better day. Tell yourself you’re out of toothpaste and the toilet won’t flush, then when both happen the day really starts to improve.

Don’t be overhead complaining, not even to yourself. 

It’s the first thing we need to remember; otherwise, nothing else will stick. Bring yourself low. Squat down. Take a knee.

Manage your buzz

We know Everyday’s the Playoffs™ and without Professional Buzz Management everything falls apart.

Everything in moderation Includes moderation

  • Consider what you are putting into your system.
  • Alcohol is not a remedy. Cocaine is not an escape.

Worry is a waste of time

The more it grows, the bigger it gets—and it never solved a problem for me. Worry grows at an amazing rate and can swallow you whole. When it starts, find a way to stop it with sobriety and exercise—don’t hide from it.

This is a commitment to ourselves. Regret will mushroom up and eat you alive. It’s the easiest one to remember, eventually.

You're responsible for your own happiness

Never use absolutes, everhowever, we all have choices in every situations. We can either escalate and match the negativity; or we can practice some radical compassion, maybe empathy if it’s appropriate—again, to ourselves first, then others.

You don’t have to attend every argument, especially with yourself. Unearth the up-shots. Smoke out the silver-linings. Be better to yourself and then each other. Hard to remember. Difficult to master. The mouthfeel is: Gentle and firm.

Your mantra for this is: I need love. When we all start saying it, we’ll all start feeling it.

BACON 22: How’s It Going?

In 2022 we hauled industry-standard buzz management ideas to the scrap heap while revealing counterintuitive practices that drove organizational performance in the back half of the 21st century—and like any good manager: we under-promised and over-delivered.

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BACON is not for everyone. Call your doctor if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of nightmare scenarios. Horn of Gondor has been blown. 

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