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A website’s homepage should be a star we can sail our ship by, and if you need to help developing, designing, or maintaining your website, I’m your guy.

I design experiences and facilitate problems. Let me know what you need and we’ll either do it together or I’ll partner you with someone I trust and the two of you can work it out—no strings attached.

My network and talent is open to you.


The Bacon Set

Every year there’s this magical thing called the Earthwork Harvest Gathering—if you haven’t gone, it’s the event I would go to above all others. See, in Michigan, we put on a lot of music festivals: Hoxeyville, Wheatland, Bliss, Buttermilk, Pond Jam, Farm Block and so many more.

The one that recharges my batteries the best has always been Harvest. I started out volunteering for the Green Team, I was eventually challenged to perform.

This is about my legacy as a professional buzz manager. Past show content will be added as time permits.

Tiny Crosswords

Drew “Tiny Mouth” Tyner is one of those people you meet where you wonder why they don’t have three people constantly following them. Come to find out, he likes making crossword puzzles.

Farm Block Fest

The annual Farm Block Fest Reunion is a benefit for the Dan Schmidt Gift of Music in Allouez, Michigan at the end of July, beginning of August. They offer

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The store is open

We’ve got stickers to sell and a lot more things are on the way. Anything I’ve got that I feel like getting rid up is gonna start showing up in the store. Keep checking back to see what madness unfolds—or, better yet, sign up below and you’ll always be in the loop.